Digital download's goal is to compare prices for all games where a digital download from legit shops exists. We only work with trusted and well recognized international shops in order to let you have the safest experience while buying and downloading the games. Depending on the digital shop you will have either a direct download option or a code redeem option:

Direct download

When the shop provides a direct download, you will be quickly redirected to the download service right after you have purchased the game. After the download you will be able to install and play the game on your computer. In some shop (Steam for instance) the download will happen through a client, a program that you will need to install on your computer and that will store all the games you will download from that shop. Other shops (Gog, for instance) will allow you to download from your browser directly.

Code redeem

When the retailer provides a digital code, you will receive the code (in general through email) as soon as you complete the purchase (or a few minutes after that). Once you have the key you will have to redeem the code from the digital download platform of the game purchased (Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battlenet). The platform will be specified on the purchase code page. Once you activate the code, the related game will be installed in your computer and ready to be played. Some further detail on the redeem process for the main digital download platforms:


Digital Rights Managment are used to restrict the access to the game only to the legit person that purchased it. Each distribution platform adopts some protection policy, such as limited installation (you can install only a limited number of times), persistent online authentication and so on. Check directly the policy on the distribution platform to learn more. See this wikipedia article for more information.

DLC - Downloadable Content

DLC are extra content you may download to extend a base game. In general you will be required to own the base game or the standard edition in order to be able to play a downloadable content. There are several types of downloadable content such as game extensions (normally identified by DLC), soundtrack, game cash credit (cash card) or season pass.

Box sale purchase

Sometime, in particular for older game, we cannot provide any digital game because there is no legit shop that offer a digital download. But don't worry, in that situation we take the best offer from offline sales retailers, such as Amazon, providing classic box sales (dvd, cd or floppy disk when they're very old games).


All box sales are meant to be phisically delivered to you, so, make sure the retailer is providing a shipping option to your country by checking shipping condition.

Installation guides

Always check hardware requirements in order to confirm they will be fine with your machine. For old games running in old operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 95/98 or DOS) we recommend having a look at the resources provided by